Welcoming 2018

I don’t know about you, but this fall has been a whirlwind of life.

I’ve found that in these busy moments, I hone in on what I value most and hope to accomplish with the time I possess. And this fall revealed and reaffirmed that reality.

This process with infertility has, at times, shaken my core, my identity. Not because infertility has actually succeeded in shoving out a previously-defined personhood and replacing it with itself, but because of the very fact it has tried defining the entirety of my life in one word.

At times, I’ve succumbed to the title and have spoken about this journey with the ease titles bring. Other times, I’ve tried casting it off to expose a raw self, only to realize neither were entirely accurate.

As a whole individual, a multifaceted woman, I can’t define myself as only one thing. To only be a musician neglects the joy of what being an aunt brings. To only be an infertile woman misses the happiness I have as a wife. To only be a real estate agent hides the beauty of what a friend is. To only be a pastor’s wife corrupts the truth of being a sister and a daughter.

I’m learning that this is a complicated and wonderful multifaceted life. And I love it.

I leave 2017 with some disappointments, some hurt, some joy, and I welcome 2018 with a newfound excitement for the passions I carry. I hope you’ll join me as I continue this journey.

Grace, Peace, and Happy New Year.

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