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We spoke of the past

|For DP: Five years, I love you|

We spoke of the past this morning,
Our former selves,
Reminiscing the first thoughts of what was to come in this life together,
We have outgrown what we expected,
Have experienced what we didn’t expect,
Expected what we didn’t experience,

We laughed at the idea of love,
Spoken gently, yelled fervently,
Not knowing the power the word held in action,
Let alone in stillness,
We have outgrown the ideas we held it to be,
Holding new ideas openly,

We mourned the sins of our youth,
Those of our former selves,
Those we still hold onto,
We still hurt and are hurt, but are quicker to forgive,
Forgiving and loving deeper in experienced truth,

We looked ahead,
In vain because we know we can’t see,
Still, we imagined the life to be,
How we will look back on these years like we did just then,
With newfound knowledge and wisdom,
Seeing what we now don’t see,
And giving grace to what we knew.


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