Waiting Well

The arrival of Christmas marks the end of the Advent season: the season which reminds the Christian that just as people waited for the Messiah to appear, we are still waiting for our Messiah to return.

Waiting isn’t easy. When results don’t happen in a timely manner, exposed self-righteousness results in toddler-tantrums declaring life isn’t fair. But to simply complain or “stick it out” during the waiting misses the point. Waiting provides an uncomfortable space to contemplate the true reason for the waiting.

My story of infertility isn’t only a story of waiting for a child to come. God is using the experience to shape me into what He desires. More importantly, He is using this time of waiting to teach me that my satisfaction in life is first found in Him.

Daniel and I have celebrated Advent over the last few years in a variety of unstructured ways but this year we participated by following a collection of readings, reflections, and prayers that we hope will become a tradition.

This year, our season was marked with mundane days, joyous days, and difficult days. And tomorrow, another cycle of the season ends with the arrival of the anticipated One.

We live with the knowledge that He has come. When Jesus came, he fulfilled in His presence that which was stated long before his birth. He would be God with us. The eternal was born a man and dwelt among us to redeem us to Himself.

It wasn’t what was expected, but it was well worth the wait.

For reflection:

God with us

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