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    I get it, where do you even begin with helping? Yesterday, I posted three facts on infertility during this infertility awareness week and today I want to share a few things you can do to be of help to someone who is dealing with infertility. These are things I’ve learned as I’ve walked through infertility and as I’ve walked with others. Listen One of the best things you can do for a person is listen to them. Realize that it takes a lot of courage to open up to someone about infertility as there is a lot of false guilt surrounding the journey of infertility. When I say listen, I…

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    Crying in the Bathroom

    I originally wrote this a year ago, recounting an experience I had the year previous. It was brought to mind today as I thought through the grief surrounding infertility and how it strikes at different times and in different ways. I’ve since added to the original post. With all things, I hope this is encouraging.  I know my pain is grief, I grieve the loss of what I expected, And accept that I’m not on the trajectory of what is accepted and supposed to be Some days are painful, Reminders, Laughter turns to tears, Other days are painless, Reminders, Laughter turns to tears, And I’m left sitting in the present…

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    Hope in Hannah’s Infertility

    This post first appeared on True Woman, a blog of Revive Our Hearts. You can find the original post here: True Hope in Hannah’s Infertility The first time I studied the story of Hannah, I was an undergraduate student at Moody Bible Institute taking a class titled, “Biblical Theology of 1 Samuel.” In the last four and a half years of walking through infertility, I’ve seen more and more how this class transformed my faith. The Lord has often reminded me of the story of Hannah, Samuel’s mother, as a source of hope and encouragement in the deepest times of despair. A Dark Time We first find mention of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1. The…

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    Unexpected Grief

    The Call I was surprised at the tone in my voice when I answered the doctors office calling to explain the test results weren’t what we had hoped. Chipper and hopeful, I pressed on as the nurse explained the doctor wanted to up the dosage of medication for the next cycle to see if my body would finally respond. I asked a couple of questions and hung up, still hopeful. A plan—I was grateful, am grateful, for a plan. It is something to expect and anticipate. With music on in the living room and freshly scrubbed roasting pans, I walked to the laundry room to check the next load. Unexpectedly,…

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    Lessons from the Waiting Room of Infertility

    This post was originally published on TrueWoman.com and you can find it here: Lessons from the Waiting Room of Infertility My husband and I have been trying to have children for the last four years. While the experience of infertility has taken us both on a journey neither of us wanted to travel, the experience continues to teach and refine our faith. Through these last four years, I have learned several valuable lessons in my walk with the Lord. Five Encouragements for ThoseStruggling with Infertility 1. Seek out community. Early on in our time of trying to have children, neither of us opened up to our local church community about…

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    How’d it go?

    Just yesterday I had someone ask me how the trip to New York went and it took me off guard. When we returned from New York, I got really sick. It was the kind of sick where I didn’t want to move or eat or drink. My mind was consumed with getting better and back to work, but I was left sitting on the couch watching the Great British Baking Show for longer than I know or would like to admit. So when I was asked how New York was, I realized I haven’t really spoken of it that much since we returned. There has been the occasional, “yeah, it…

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    It’s important to look forward with hopeful anticipation while remaining faithful with what has been given now. Since moving to Nebraska, I’ve had several moments of wondering “why?” I tell the story of our move to friends because there have been moments where it is clear we are supposed to be here right now. And in difficult times, we’ve had to look back on those gifts of moments to remind ourselves that it is clear we are supposed to be here right now. But there have also been moments I’ve wondered why we’re here. Early on, I struggled with the idea of what I could do with my music and…

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    I shall not want

    One of the most famous passages in scripture is found in Psalm 23, a psalm I’ve been mulling over the last couple of years. These six simple verses are loaded with rich hope and truth for those who call on the Lord. But to be honest, these verses haven’t always been a source of hope for me. More often than not, I have left the passage frustrated and confused.