I get it, where do you even begin with helping? Yesterday, I posted three facts on infertility during this infertility awareness week and today I want to share a few things you can do to be of help to someone who is dealing with infertility. These are things I’ve learned as I’ve walked through infertility … Continue reading Helping


It’s important to look forward with hopeful anticipation while remaining faithful with what has been given now. Since moving to Nebraska, I’ve had several moments of wondering “why?” I tell the story of our move to friends because there have been moments where it is clear we are supposed to be here right now. And … Continue reading Dreams

I shall not want

One of the most famous passages in scripture is found in Psalm 23, a psalm I’ve been mulling over the last couple of years.

These six simple verses are loaded with rich hope and truth for those who call on the Lord.

But to be honest, these verses haven’t always been a source of hope for me. More often than not, I have left the passage frustrated and confused.

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