the “i” word

Do you ever have those moments when you know you’re willfully resisting something, even if it doesn’t make sense? It took me a long, long time to use the word infertile when discussing our struggles to start a family. I intentionally refused to utter the word when talking about our story with people and I still don’t … Continue reading the “i” word


When recalling our experiences over the last few years, I often mention how evidently I have seen and experienced God’s faithfulness to us. I haven’t always been able to form the thought into a cohesive sentence, but I will try to explain through my experiences. A couple of years ago, early on in our realization that our … Continue reading Faithful

Giving Grace

The reactions you receive when discussing our journey TTC with people can be quite amusing. I wonder if this is because we are accustomed to keeping personal matters personal, not burdening anyone with difficult subjects. And believe me, TTC is a difficult, personal matter. In the past couple of years, I have cautiously opened up … Continue reading Giving Grace