Garden 2.0

My first year planting a garden I had a lot of carrots and it was very amusing. I didn’t thin enough when the seedlings emerged which resulted in carrots that looked more like living creatures rather than vegetables. Last year, I wrote about my excitement with starting a garden and of my anticipation to plant. … Continue reading Garden 2.0


Have you ever had kimchi (김치)? Soon into our relationship, Daniel took me on a date to a Korean restaurant in Chicago. We waited in line for a good while and the entire time I was enjoying the new aroma coming from the restaurant. There, I had my first bulgogi (불고기) and banchan (반찬). The … Continue reading Kimchi

Learning curve

Getting married and moving to Chicago came with many adventures and obstacles, one of which is getting ready in the morning. The first couple of weeks Daniel and I were preparing to walk to school, various “mistakes” were made (mistakes is a very strong word, so it should be taken lightly). Either a lunch was … Continue reading Learning curve