Singing again

My best friend recently started a blog called, “Not a Wasted Day.” I love it. I’ve told her before, but I look forward to every post she writes.

Daniel and I are getting ready for our second trip over the Pacific to Japan. This time we’re also visiting extended relatives in Korea. Preparing for the trip reminded me of blogging. It’s been quite a gap of time since the last time I blogged. Over two years.

I blogged parts of our last trip to Japan and decided to read through those blogs.

I ended up reading those blogs and the multiple previous entries I made. Some brought tears to my eyes while others made me chuckle. Yes, it’s true, I thought drinking and driving could get you pulled over… all types. And yes, that beautiful moment of my grandpa and grandma will forever be ingrained in my mind.

Looking back on the moments I chose to write about makes me want to record more events, more thoughts, more… things. I believe that we aren’t to look back with the deepest desire to return, but I do think that reflection is essential for moving forward. For learning and growing.

So, as I look forward to our second trip over the Pacific, I’m excited. I was nervous, so incredibly nervous for the last trip. I still have nerves, knowing I’ll meet new people. But I know that although I have fears, it will be an amazing experience I hope to remember.

Maybe I should write about it.


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