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second time around

I’m writing on a Saturday night in Tokyo. Back home, it would be Saturday morning but it’s Saturday night. Sometimes that still confuses me.

We’ve been in Japan for only a few days, but it feels like much more. We’ve done a lot. I wish I could remember and record everything, but for now, a few pictures will have to do.

Japan 2014 015

When we first landed, Daniel’s parents picked us up from the airport and we ate sushi with them and his sister. I was already full from the amount of food we ate on the plane, but sushi in Japan is amazing, so I ate more. We came to this place last time and I love it. The sushi comes around on a belt and at the end a server measures how many plates of sushi you’ve consumed.

Japan 2014 044

One thing I didn’t experience last time we were in Japan was jetlag. This time around it hit hard. Thankfully, $1 coffee is now very popular in convenience stores around Japan and there is one very close to Daniel’s parents’ house. We faithfully visited the store each morning the first couple of days here.

Japan 2014 033

We also visited this Udon place last time. I knew it was delicious then, but this time around I had a greater appreciation for the amazing flavor of the Udon soup.

Japan 2014 188

I also have a greater appreciation for Japanese trains. I remember being amazed at how quiet the trains were when we visited over 2.5 years ago, but this time I looked forward to it and appreciated the smooth, quiet ride all the more.

Japan 2014 213

Daniel’s sister, Lydia, took us to a photo-booth the other night after a karaoke session, which brought back memories from our first trip. These machines make our eyes look huge and our skin look flawless.

Although I know I’m a foreigner in Japan and I’ve only spent a total of a month here in my life, this time around, I don’t feel as foreign. Yes, people still stare at me. Yes, kids try their English on me. It’s adorable and hilarious. I imagine that part of the reason I don’t feel as foreign is that I’m here with two English speakers who were born and raised in Tokyo. If I were here without any guidance, I’m sure I’d feel very, very foreign.




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