Singing again

My best friend recently started a blog called, “Not a Wasted Day.” I love it. I’ve told her before, but I look forward to every post she writes. Daniel and I are getting ready for our second trip over the Pacific to Japan. This time we’re also visiting extended relatives in Korea. Preparing for the … Continue reading Singing again

Learning curve

Getting married and moving to Chicago came with many adventures and obstacles, one of which is getting ready in the morning. The first couple of weeks Daniel and I were preparing to walk to school, various “mistakes” were made (mistakes is a very strong word, so it should be taken lightly). Either a lunch was … Continue reading Learning curve

wedding thoughts

Almost three weeks ago, my husband and I were¬†married. In my short time to reflect on that day, here are some of my thoughts: 1. When people say, “It will fly,” they mean it. Before you know it, you are leaving the reception. There are multiple people you wish you could have spoken with longer. … Continue reading wedding thoughts