I love walking. We currently live near a manmade lake that feels more like an old friend than an artificial basin. I have fond memories walking the harsh concrete and uneven gravel path in high school and college. It’s the place my husband first told me he loved me; the place I talked with my … Continue reading Walking


When we moved to Evanston for my grad studies, we interviewed for a basement unit. During our interview, the couple asked the general line-up of questions you would assume a college-aged student to receive. When they asked us if we had any questions for them, I blurted, Can we grow a pot garden?! I didn’t … Continue reading food;words;dirt

Giving Grace

The reactions you receive when discussing our journey TTC with people can be quite amusing. I wonder if this is because we are accustomed to keeping personal matters personal, not burdening anyone with difficult subjects. And believe me, TTC is a difficult, personal matter. In the past couple of years, I have cautiously opened up … Continue reading Giving Grace


I think the first time I really experienced all-things acronyms was in college, which is probably true for many people. I remember wondering what the SDR was and what people did when they had a DTR with another person. But, pretty soon, these and other acronyms were part of daily life. With each stage of … Continue reading Acronyms

Bring forth words…

I’ve found that change in life often spurs reflection. I remember when my parents moved from my childhood house to a different city, I wrote about the anxiety I felt that caught me by surprise. When Daniel and I got married, there was another set of changes. When we moved into our second apartment, when I … Continue reading Bring forth words…

Leaving Seoul

Today is our last day in Korea. We’re meeting with a friend for breakfast and then heading to the airport. I’m amazed at what we’ve accomplished in this last week since Monday. We’ve traveled from Seoul to Busan to Kyungchu back to Seoul all in a few days. The last two were spent solely in … Continue reading Leaving Seoul

Morning adventures

This morning started a bit early. We packed our belongings last night. Rather, Daniel packed our belongings last night. He’s good at packing and I’m good at making lists to remember (most) things. He also packed the car this morning. I wish I had a before and after picture to show you just how much … Continue reading Morning adventures

second time around

I’m writing on a Saturday night in Tokyo. Back home, it would be Saturday morning but it’s Saturday night. Sometimes that still confuses me. We’ve been in Japan for only a few days, but it feels like much more. We’ve done a lot. I wish I could remember and record everything, but for now, a … Continue reading second time around