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accepting rejection

I recently looked through the list of drafts I have created on this blog. Some are from years ago and others are more recent. Some I discarded while to others I added thoughts. One draft I came across made me…

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I grew up in eastern Nebraska, but was born out west in Washington. Each summer, my parents always made a point to travel back to Washington to visit our extended relatives, which meant long drives during summer break. We still…



When recalling our experiences over the last few years, I often mention how evidently I have seen and experienced God’s faithfulness to us. I haven’t always been able to form the thought into a cohesive sentence, but I will try to explain…

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Let me rejoice

However short the trip, I love being back in Evanston. It is the place Daniel and I called home for several years. Yesterday morning, I sat with dear friends at a church I hold close to my heart. I looked…



I love walking. We currently live near a manmade lake that feels more like an old friend than an artificial basin. I have fond memories walking the harsh concrete and uneven gravel path in high school and college. It’s the…



When we moved to Evanston for my grad studies, we interviewed for a basement unit. During our interview, the couple asked the general line-up of questions you would assume a college-aged student to receive. When they asked us if we…


Giving Grace

The reactions you receive when discussing our journey TTC with people can be quite amusing. I wonder if this is because we are accustomed to keeping personal matters personal, not burdening anyone with difficult subjects. And believe me, TTC is…

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I think the first time I really experienced all-things acronyms was in college, which is probably true for many people. I remember wondering what the SDR was and what people did when they had a DTR with another person. But,…