Waiting Well

The arrival of Christmas marks the end of the Advent season: the season which reminds the Christian that just as people waited for the Messiah to appear, we are still waiting for our Messiah to return. Waiting isn’t easy. When results don’t happen in a timely manner, exposed self-righteousness results in toddler-tantrums declaring life isn’t … Continue reading Waiting Well


I stood in our kitchen this morning and scrolled through social media posts of people preparing Thanksgiving Day meals as Daniel worked at our dining room table. All at once, I was overcome with immense gratitude for this season of life. It’s full of enriching friendships and fulfilling work—both blessings we don’t deserve but have … Continue reading Thanksgiving


I wrote this before the month of our third anniversary trying to have children. I wrote almost as an act of protecting myself in fear that the date would be too difficult to process. But God, in His sovereignty, surrounded us with community and filled our sorrows with joy. It wasn’t in a grand gesture, … Continue reading Three

the “i” word

Do you ever have those moments when you know you’re willfully resisting something, even if it doesn’t make sense? It took me a long, long time to use the word infertile when discussing our struggles to start a family. I intentionally refused to utter the word when talking about our story with people and I still don’t … Continue reading the “i” word