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    How’d it go?

    Just yesterday I had someone ask me how the trip to New York went and it took me off guard. When we returned from New York, I got really sick. It was the kind of sick where I didn’t want to move or eat or drink. My mind was consumed with getting better and back to work, but I was left sitting on the couch watching the Great British Baking Show for longer than I know or would like to admit. So when I was asked how New York was, I realized I haven’t really spoken of it that much since we returned. There has been the occasional, “yeah, it…

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    This Mother’s Day

    I’ve had mixed feelings about Mother’s Day, and I’ve definitely had mixed feelings about writing about Mother’s Day.  So, I guess this post is four Mother’s Days in waiting and I’m left asking, “do I really have anything to add?” I remember an undergraduate professor reposting a poem she stumbled across while struggling through growing her family. It was one of the first times I read another’s words about infertility and could relate so deeply. By this time, I had written brief thoughts down on my frustrations with not yet having a child. Some were scratched out on paper, others were typed into my phone. But they all had a…

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    Songs I Sing in Waiting

    Since moving to Nebraska, I’ve tried piecing together how my background in music, my experience with infertility, and my life of faith could possibly be intertwined for redemptive value. As I’ve touched on before, when my mind has felt overwhelmed with anxiety surrounding infertility, when I’ve had hope feel completely shattered, or when I’m trying to understand the rhythmic changes of life, I turn to writing. What I haven’t mentioned before is that my confidence in writing is very low and has been since growing up. I remember taking a class in high school where I had to write a paper on a narrative or descriptive essay. Although I don’t…

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    I have drafts upon drafts upon drafts of writings in the cloud and some will never see the light of day-but when I stumbled upon this one, it made me chuckle. So, I thought I’d share it with you on my husband’s birthday, because, you know, bulgogi (불고기). 04/03/2017 I dreamt of Korean food last night, I dreamt of kimchi and pickles and meat, Served by a headless man with a camera to replace, There was no bulgogi, Yet, that was the name of the restaurant, Where signs painted on the windows to block the outside, But we could see in and asked for it to be opened, Cameraman obliged…

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    It’s important to look forward with hopeful anticipation while remaining faithful with what has been given now. Since moving to Nebraska, I’ve had several moments of wondering “why?” I tell the story of our move to friends because there have been moments where it is clear we are supposed to be here right now. And in difficult times, we’ve had to look back on those gifts of moments to remind ourselves that it is clear we are supposed to be here right now. But there have also been moments I’ve wondered why we’re here. Early on, I struggled with the idea of what I could do with my music and…

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    Garden 2.0

    My first year planting a garden I had a lot of carrots and it was very amusing. I didn’t thin enough when the seedlings emerged which resulted in carrots that looked more like living creatures rather than vegetables. Last year, I wrote about my excitement with starting a garden and of my anticipation to plant. In the time in between that post and now, there was reality. And the reality is there were some successes, and there were some failures. Some of the plants I was most excited were going to be harvested and made into various types of kimchi later in the fall. But the cabbage was destroyed by…

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    I shall not want

    One of the most famous passages in scripture is found in Psalm 23, a psalm I’ve been mulling over the last couple of years. These six simple verses are loaded with rich hope and truth for those who call on the Lord. But to be honest, these verses haven’t always been a source of hope for me. More often than not, I have left the passage frustrated and confused.

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    Christmas Eve Sourdough Waffles

    I know what you’re probably thinking, “Kelsey, Christmas was last week!” Yes, yes it was. As we approached Christmas and the New Year, Daniel and I talked about which traditions we want to start or continue from our upbringings. One I hope succeeds is Sourdough Waffles on Christmas Eve. Isn’t it true that if you do something twice, it becomes a tradition? So I guess it’s okay to say we’re starting a tradition that will become a tradition next year. We’ll see. For now, I’ll make these throughout the year and try to remember to keep the tradition alive next Christmas. In the meantime, if you do make this, please…