Morning adventures


This morning started a bit early. We packed our belongings last night. Rather, Daniel packed our belongings last night. He’s good at packing and I’m good at making lists to remember (most) things.

He also packed the car this morning. I wish I had a before and after picture to show you just how much stuff he put into two suitcases. We came with two full suitcases and purchased gifts and clothes.

We made our last trip to the local conbini to get coffee. I’m surprised we didn’t know the workers by name after this week after all of our early trips due to jet lag.

We leave for Korea later this morning. Daniel’s cousin is picking us up and taking us to the express train so we can meet Daniel’s parents in Busan later today.

I’m a little nervous and a whole lot  excited for these next few days.

I’m grateful for my global family, whether by blood, marriage, or life.

Onto the land of Samsung, Kimchi, and Gangnam style.

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