Leaving Seoul

Today is our last day in Korea. We’re meeting with a friend for breakfast and then heading to the airport.

I’m amazed at what we’ve accomplished in this last week since Monday. We’ve traveled from Seoul to Busan to Kyungchu back to Seoul all in a few days. The last two were spent solely in the Seoul area.

I was looking through some pictures yesterday and saw one I took of an elevator. “An elevator?!” Yes. Here it is, in all of it’s glory.


I took this to remember the first time we rode an elevator in Seoul and how I screamed as the doors quickly shut and all I saw was Daniel’s hand still in the elevator with the knowledge that his body was not. Thank God nothing serious happened, but I quickly learned that elevator doors shut very, very fast here.

I felt like a tourist yesterday. I haven’t been to Korea before and I’ve felt like a familiar foreigner this entire trip. Yesterday was a weird feeling, but a good one too.

Seoul isn’t the city I imagined. It lives up to my image of a busy city, and I love the trains here almost as much as I love the trains in Japan, but my former thoughts on what Seoul would look, smell, and feel like are shattered, replaced with a tangible, truer image of the city.

I’m hoping to document some thoughts after I return to the states so we can remember this trip in the future.

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