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Learning curve

Getting married and moving to Chicago came with many adventures and obstacles, one of which is getting ready in the morning.

The first couple of weeks Daniel and I were preparing to walk to school, various “mistakes” were made (mistakes is a very strong word, so it should be taken lightly). Either a lunch was packed and not grabbed because we thought the other grabbed it, ID’s were left when they were assumed to be picked up, teeth not brushed, etcp. Honestly, it was all quite amusing.

I realized this morning, as I was packing lunch, scrambling eggs, frying bacon, putting away dishes, setting out dishes, grinding coffee, making coffee, warming a muffin in the oven (because our microwave flips/trips our breaker) and lighting a candle in the bathroom (because something keeps smelling…funky…), all while Daniel was taking a shower, that we’ve begun to get in the rhythm of life. Granted, waking up with enough time to do everything really helps.

In the past month, I’ve enjoyed learning more of what it means to live life together. Sharing the load, etc. We both know there is so much ahead, and so much that we don’t even know is coming, so it is just fun spending this time together, learning more about what makes each other happy (and not so happy).

I have also been exploring the cooking/freezing/preparing/burning avenue. I love looking at recipes and blogs and pictures of food. There is something about a good looking meal that makes it taste better. This past week I tackled the first ‘preparing ahead for lunches’ recipe (other than frozen rice) that my sister-in-law had on her pinterest. Simple and convenient. Today, I am hoping to explore the Nebraskan Runza. We will see how it goes.

All that being said, I can’t imagine what kind of learning curve is going to need to take place when school starts. The nice system that is currently working may need to be shifted around. We shall see. As for now, I will continue enjoying my life of cooking, practicing, working, and winning Steal the Word.


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