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How’d it go?

Just yesterday I had someone ask me how the trip to New York went and it took me off guard.

When we returned from New York, I got really sick. It was the kind of sick where I didn’t want to move or eat or drink. My mind was consumed with getting better and back to work, but I was left sitting on the couch watching the Great British Baking Show for longer than I know or would like to admit.

So when I was asked how New York was, I realized I haven’t really spoken of it that much since we returned. There has been the occasional, “yeah, it was really good,” but not much after that.

I’m beyond grateful for the experience that was New York and Songs I Sing in Waiting. As we prepared for the trip and concert, I knew it would be special. But I left the time even more grateful for the experience than the time preparing.

What the actual concert looked like was a time of worship, education, and vulnerability. The composer wrote a few pieces for the concert in addition to Songs I Sing in Waiting which started the program off well. We then moved into a time of singing sections of Waiting and discussing the compositional elements of the piece. I knew the composer sat with my words and intentionally set the text to music as deliberately as possible, but I hadn’t actually heard this discussed until the day of and it was great to hear. I was, and am, amazed at how words I typed or wrote during times of despair encouraged or ignited a thought in another person.

The time of discussing the music was followed by a panel discussion on awareness of infertility and how to respond. Finally, we performed the entire piece of Songs I Sing in Waiting and rejoiced at the end.

The concert was a great reminder to me that there have been several who have traversed this infertility journey before me. Some came up and talked with me afterward who are now out of that time with children while others are still childless. I was reminded again that at the end of the day, whether or not the Lord answers our prayers with children, I know He is answering our prayers by drawing us deeper in communion with Him.

If you’ve asked me how the trip went, thank you. Thank you for caring and thank you for your support. Below is a copy of the program and notes on Songs I Sing in Waiting.

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