When we moved to Evanston for my grad studies, we interviewed for a basement unit. During our interview, the couple asked the general line-up of questions you would assume a college-aged student to receive. When they asked us if we had any questions for them, I blurted,

Can we grow a pot garden?!

I didn’t think anything of it until the silence. Frankly, I was really confused why they slowly turned their heads to each other and cautiously responded with,

Do you mean a container garden?

Yes! (nervous laughter)

Needless to say, we didn’t grow a pot garden nor a container garden for the three years we lived there. Those neighbors moved away within the first year of us living in the basement and I realized the plants around our windows inhibited the the ability to grow a house plant, let alone a garden.

Still, my desire to grow a garden continued to grow with each spring.

I’ve found a few things that I truly enjoy. Some may call these hobbies, but I just call them-oh, I don’t know-life.


I love these things.

Dirty hands assessing soil,

Digging up colors of sustenance,


Slicing, chopping, sauteeing, baking, creating,

Bubbling lasagna fresh from the oven,

Gathering around a table with laughter, silence, sometimes tears,

These I love,

Growing lost in another’s world,

Truthful or mysterious,


We moved to Nebraska this last summer and I had the chance to start a small garden. My dad was willing to help and was enthusiastic about the idea. And while we planted many seeds, only a few plants survived the late attempt.

One of the biggest hits was the multi-colored carrots. The kids loved picking them, the adults loved eating them, they were an all-around great idea.


There’s something I truly love about working with my hands. I think that’s why the thought of gardening often makes me giddy.

I’m looking forward to planting new seeds this spring. I’m excited for the memories we’ll make in the process and the food we’ll enjoy around a table after harvest.


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