eyes of a mother

There’s a beauty I’ve seen in the eyes of a mother, Wordless beauty, aged in the newness of life– in sleepless nights newborn cries and pleas for wisdom, Years gone by– different mothers, same eyes. There’s a beauty I’ve seen in the eyes of a mother, A mirror of another, unknown before this day and … Continue reading eyes of a mother

This Mother’s Day

I’ve had mixed feelings about Mother’s Day, and I’ve definitely had mixed feelings about writing about Mother’s Day.  So, I guess this post is four Mother’s Days in waiting and I’m left asking, “do I really have anything to add?” I remember an undergraduate professor reposting a poem she stumbled across while struggling through growing … Continue reading This Mother’s Day

Songs I Sing in Waiting

Since moving to Nebraska, I’ve tried piecing together how my background in music, my experience with infertility, and my life of faith could possibly be intertwined for redemptive value. As I’ve touched on before, when my mind has felt overwhelmed with anxiety surrounding infertility, when I’ve had hope feel completely shattered, or when I’m trying … Continue reading Songs I Sing in Waiting


I have drafts upon drafts upon drafts of writings in the cloud and some will never see the light of day-but when I stumbled upon this one, it made me chuckle. So, I thought I’d share it with you on my husband’s birthday, because, you know, bulgogi (불고기). 04/03/2017 I dreamt of Korean food last … Continue reading 불고기


It’s important to look forward with hopeful anticipation while remaining faithful with what has been given now. Since moving to Nebraska, I’ve had several moments of wondering “why?” I tell the story of our move to friends because there have been moments where it is clear we are supposed to be here right now. And … Continue reading Dreams