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Let me rejoice

However short the trip, I love being back in Evanston. It is the place Daniel and I called home for several years. Yesterday morning, I sat with dear friends at a church I hold close to my heart. I looked…



I love walking. We currently live near a manmade lake that feels more like an old friend than an artificial basin. I have fond memories walking the harsh concrete and uneven gravel path in high school and college. It’s the…


Giving Grace

The reactions you receive when discussing our journey TTC with people can be quite amusing. I wonder if this is because we are accustomed to keeping personal matters personal, not burdening anyone with difficult subjects. And believe me, TTC is…


Leaving Seoul

Today is our last day in Korea. We’re meeting with a friend for breakfast and then heading to the airport. I’m amazed at what we’ve accomplished in this last week since Monday. We’ve traveled from Seoul to Busan to Kyungchu…


Morning adventures

This morning started a bit early. We packed our belongings last night. Rather, Daniel packed our belongings last night. He’s good at packing and I’m good at making lists to remember (most) things. He also packed the car this morning….

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second time around

I’m writing on a Saturday night in Tokyo. Back home, it would be Saturday morning but it’s Saturday night. Sometimes that still confuses me. We’ve been in Japan for only a few days, but it feels like much more. We’ve…


Singing again

My best friend recently started a blog called, “Not a Wasted Day.” I love it. I’ve told her before, but I look forward to every post she writes. Daniel and I are getting ready for our second trip over the…

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Learning curve

Getting married and moving to Chicago came with many adventures and obstacles, one of which is getting ready in the morning. The first couple of weeks Daniel and I were preparing to walk to school, various “mistakes” were made (mistakes…