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Hope in Hannah’s Infertility

This post first appeared on True Woman, a blog of Revive Our Hearts. You can find the original post here: True Hope in Hannah’s Infertility The first time I studied the story of Hannah, I was an undergraduate student at Moody Bible Institute taking a class titled, “Biblical Theology of 1 Samuel.” In the last four and a half years of walking through infertility,…


Welcoming 2018

I don’t know about you, but this fall has been a whirlwind of life. I’ve found that in these busy moments, I hone in on what I value most and hope to accomplish with the time I possess. And this…



I stood in our kitchen this morning and scrolled through social media posts of people preparing Thanksgiving Day meals as Daniel worked at our dining room table. All at once, I was overcome with immense gratitude for this season of…



I wrote this before the month of our third anniversary trying to have children. I wrote almost as an act of protecting myself in fear that the date would be too difficult to process. But God, in His sovereignty, surrounded…


fireflies in summertime

When we lived in the Chicago area, I looked forward to the emergence of fireflies. Each summer it reminded me of my childhood summers in Nebraska. I love fireflies. I love walking around on summer nights with the flickering of…

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I recently returned home to Nebraska after a few weeks away for a singing gig and the weather greeted me with rain. Lots and lots of rain. My drive back mainly consisted of farmland and I think that’s why when…

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accepting rejection

I recently looked through the list of drafts I have created on this blog. Some are from years ago and others are more recent. Some I discarded while to others I added thoughts. One draft I came across made me…