Bring forth words…

I’ve found that change in life often spurs reflection.

I remember when my parents moved from my childhood house to a different city, I wrote about the anxiety I felt that caught me by surprise.

When Daniel and I got married, there was another set of changes. When we moved into our second apartment, when I started grad school, when he started a new job, when we moved churches, all of these moves instigated change: disruptions in our pattern of living.

The disruptions also caused reflection. When we moved to our second apartment, we naturally reflected on our first: the building that had rugged stairs I was convinced I would one day fall through or twist an ankle on each trek up them to our tiny apartment; the water situation that didn’t allow us to shower and wash dishes at the same time; the neighbors that seemed to move out as quickly as they moved in; the memories of figuring out how to make a place feel like home.

As we approach another change and move, we look ahead and have no idea what the next day will look like, let alone the next year. Again, I find myself reflecting on our time in our home and the anxiety that accompanies the upcoming unknown. Times of reflection often bring forth words in my life and it often happens in written (or typed) form.

I was reminded of that post I wrote about change today. I remembered writing something about some change I found during the move but when I got to the end, my soul was whispering in agreement with the truth I found and rested on that’s found in Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:

Ultimately, what will worrying do for me but waste away time in my life. I can trust God for all. As I seek God and his righteousness, the necessities of life are arranged in my life and I see what is truly important.

But how? How do I surrender my worries and seek his righteousness? That was my second thought. Frankly, I don’t know the right answer. What I do know is it is a continuous surrendering and seeking.

“It is a continuous surrendering and seeking.”

May you also find rest in this truth.

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