eyes of a mother

There’s a beauty I’ve seen in the eyes of a mother, Wordless beauty, aged in the newness of life– in sleepless nights newborn cries and pleas for wisdom, Years gone by– different mothers, same eyes. There’s a beauty I’ve seen in the eyes of a mother, A mirror of another, unknown before this day and … Continue reading eyes of a mother


The voice of doubtand feardoesn’t leave with the arrival ofthe awaitedBut morphs into a new costume,with the same actorplaying the same role–Disguised as a different tongue,Casting doubt where there is truthand fear where there is joy,Stealing both–replacing with liesBut why?Steps forward,memories to comeA pull at my leg gives pause–I wait for the fate that isn’t … Continue reading Pregnancy


I get it, where do you even begin with helping? Yesterday, I posted three facts on infertility during this infertility awareness week and today I want to share a few things you can do to be of help to someone who is dealing with infertility. These are things I’ve learned as I’ve walked through infertility … Continue reading Helping